Explainer videos are a short video used for the educating, marketing & selling company’s product, service, brand, and business idea in a highly efficient way. Explainer videos are usually hosted on the company’s landing page, homepage, or product page of their website so that it gets maximum attention. These can also be used to advertise the product or service on Social Media handles. Explainer videos are designed in a way that they are very engaging to the audience thus; the viewer’s digest all the information.

Types Of Explainer Videos:

*     Live Action Explainer Video: Such kind of promotional videos explain your business’s product or service in a non-animated way. As the name suggests, Live action explainer videos are designed, created and shot live in the real world and hence, also confines to the real world limitation however since they are shot in the real it creates a lot of emotional connection with the viewers. This kind of videos is very popular for selling physical product or people-oriented service like consulting, or restaurants.
*     Animated Explainer Videos: There are lot of advantages of making animated explainer videos which makes it a preferred format and most popular type of explainer video. Animated videos can be edited /updated at any point in time to incorporate future adjustments. Such videos are used for selling intangible products like software. Such kind of videos requires very high level of creativity and may involve some physical objects but not any live action.
*    Whiteboard Explainer Videos: As the name explains, such videos are hand created on whiteboard. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create an explainer video, and its ease of operation makes it popular type.

Our Expert Offerings for the best Explainer Video Services:

– Concept Development
– Scriptwriting
– Storyboarding
– Voiceover Recording               
– Music and Sound Effects
– Visual Design and Animation
– Video Editing

What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

There are lot of elements that goes behind making an engaging and impactful explainer video. However, every good explainer video has five things in common.
*  Problem Solving Approach: This helps in educating the audience about the product or service and how it solves their problem.
*  Know Your Brand And Audience: It is very important for the video creator to know what the target audience is and what the brand is all about. This helps a lot in creating a match between the brand and the target audience.
*  High Quality: Needless to say that, to effectively communicate the brands value proposition, the explainer videos should be of very high quality in terms of production and content.
*  Short In Length: Shorter the better is the mantra here. Ideal size of an explainer video is considered to be between 1-2 mins, however, depending upon the need; 10 sec. videos are also created.
*  Strong Call To Action (CTA): Videos should clearly define what they want their intended audience to do after watching it.

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